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Pre-shipment finance made easy with our logistics services.

With our support, factoring companies can confidently expand their lending capabilities and offer pre-shipment finance, unlocking new opportunities for growth and profitability.

Efficient logistics, effective pre-shipment finance risk management.

Leveraging our logistics expertise and risk assessment capabilities, we help factoring companies confidently secure and control physical goods at every stage.

Container Yard
Scanning Box for Shipment
Scanning Box for Shipment

Secure and Control Physical Goods at Every Stage with Our Risk Assessment Capabilities

  • Verify goods and factory facilities to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations

  • Conduct quality control inspections to confirm finished goods meet required standards

  • Navigate complex cross-border transportation requirements

  • Manage customs requirements for seamless deliver

  • Provide risk mitigation activities during transit, including tracking and insurance

  • Streamline production and transportation processes for maximum efficiency and profitability

Expand Your Lending Capabilities with Confidence - Partner with Our Logistic Experts

By partnering with our logistic company, factoring companies can increase their lending capabilities and offer pre-shipment finance with confidence, knowing that the goods are verified, insured, and tracked throughout the transportation process.

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