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Pre-shipment finance made easy with our logistics services.

With our support, factoring companies can confidently expand their lending capabilities and offer pre-shipment finance, unlocking new opportunities for growth and profitability.

Efficient logistics, effective pre-shipment finance risk management.

Leveraging our logistics expertise and risk assessment capabilities, we help factoring companies confidently secure and control physical goods at every stage.

Container Yard
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Scanning Box for S0hipment
Scanning Box for Shipment

Secure and Control Physical Goods at Every Stage with Our Risk Assessment Capabilities

  • Verify goods and factory facilities to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations

  • Conduct quality control inspections to confirm finished goods meet required standards

  • Navigate complex cross-border transportation requirements

  • Manage customs requirements for seamless deliver

  • Provide risk mitigation activities during transit, including tracking and insurance

  • Streamline production and transportation processes for maximum efficiency and profitability

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Expand Your Lending Capabilities with Confidence - Partner with Our Logistic Experts

By partnering with our logistic company, factoring companies can increase their lending capabilities and offer pre-shipment finance with confidence, knowing that the goods are verified, insured, and tracked throughout the transportation process.

Expand your Lending Capabilities
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